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Don’t Let Dental Fear Steal Your Smile

Dental anxiety is one of the most common fears. It’s estimated that nearly 40% of adults in the United States fear dental treatment that’s significant enough for them to avoid getting the care they need. Feeling hesitant about seeing the dentist is nothing to be ashamed of, but leaving oral health problems untreated usually leads to more severe disease, more invasive treatments, and much higher expenses.

If you fear the dentist, sedation dentistry could be the answer you’re looking for. At Harris Dental, we want all our patients to enjoy relaxing, comfortable healthcare experiences. That’s why we’re proud to offer sedation anesthesia near you in Barnstable, Centerville, Dennis, and Hyannis, MA. Safe and effective sedation dentistry empowers you to overcome dental anxiety and regain control of your oral health.

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How Can Sedation Dentistry Help You?

Our Safe and Effective Sedation Dentistry Options

Oral Sedation

With a carefully calculated dose of oral medication, we can help you achieve a deep level of relaxation that can carry you comfortably through any procedure. Oral sedation helps local dental anesthesia work better, making it a great option to be more relaxed.

This dental anesthesia option lasts several hours, so you can combine several treatments into fewer, streamlined appointments to complete your treatment plan as quickly and comfortably as possible.

IV Sedation

For patients needing a more profound dental anesthesia option, IV sedation dentistry provides a deep level of relaxation that can get you through complex procedures like wisdom tooth extractions and other oral surgery in total comfort. You’ll enjoy deep relaxation and a twilight state of consciousness here.

Most patients feel so relaxed that they nap through their procedure, although conscious IV sedation doesn’t put you to sleep like general anesthesia would. With this option, we can adjust the level of sedation from moment to moment as needed for different phases of your treatment.

How Can Sedation Dentistry Improve Your Health?

If your dental anxiety or bad experiences in your past have ever made you avoid the care you need, you’re not alone. The longer you go without care, the more chance there is for cavities, gum disease, and other types of damage to get worse. That means more invasive and expensive treatments down the road. In some cases, these issues can even lead to life-threatening infections and damaging complications.

Regular preventive dental care and timely restorative treatments are the best ways to preserve your health and make each treatment as conservative, comfortable, and affordable as possible. If it’s been a long time since you’ve seen a dentist, that’s okay. We can help you regain control of your dental health and start enjoying the comfort and confidence of loving your smile.

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Don’t Let Dental Anxiety Come Between You and Your Health.

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