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Financing Solutions for Affordable Dental Care

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You Deserve the Dignity of Good Oral Health at Affordable Rates

At Harris Dental, we believe everyone deserves access to high-quality dental care. However, navigating the complicated world of dental financing can be difficult, and building a comfortable plan to pay for the care you need can be stressful and challenging. Since dental financing is a determining factor, we proudly offer affordable dental care in Barnstable, Centerville, Dennis, and Hyannis, MA.

Our practices offer state-of-the-art technology and advanced treatment options, including oral surgery solutions like affordable dental implants. You should never have to compromise your oral health because of finances. We’re committed to helping you get the care you need, and assisting you in finding affordable dental financing solutions is vital to how we do that.

Our Flexible Payment Solutions

Cash and Credit Cards

We strive to make your dental experience seamless, extending our commitment to convenience in the payment process. We accept multiple payment options to accommodate various preferences, including cash, credit cards, and checks. Whether you prefer the simplicity of cash transactions, the ease of credit card payments, or the traditional method of checks, we aim to ensure that your financial transactions align with your comfort and convenience.

Proceed Finance

Experience financial ease with Proceed Finance for your dental care needs. Our partnership with Proceed Finance provides accessible, personalized payment plans to fit your budget. With this dental implant financing option, you can confidently proceed with essential dental treatments, ensuring that your oral health remains a priority without the immediate financial burden. Visit or call 844-272-7587 for more information.


For those seeking flexible financial solutions for their dental needs, we proudly offer CareCredit dental financing. With CareCredit, you can access convenient and tailored payment plans to manage the costs of necessary dental treatments. This dental financing option allows you to proceed with your dental care without delay, offering the flexibility to pay overtime and prioritize your oral health without compromising your budget. Visit or call 1-800-677-0718 for more information.

Harris Savings Plan

While we may not be in-network with specific insurance providers, we’re still committed to optimizing your benefits. Our dedicated team is adept at filing insurance claims on your behalf, ensuring a streamlined process and maximizing the benefits available to you. Rest assured that we prioritize transparency and work diligently to help you navigate your insurance, aiming to provide the highest level of care while maximizing the value of your insurance coverage.

Judgment-Free, High-Quality Dentistry is Possible

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