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Enjoy Renewed Health and Function

Are you facing failing dental health? Have you struggled with ill-fitting dentures that rub and leave you with painful sores? Are you tired of struggling to enjoy your favorite foods because of missing teeth? Imagine living life to the fullest without leaving your teeth in a glass on the nightstand, not struggling with painful, damaged teeth, and no limits to what foods you can enjoy.

Full mouth dental implants can restore your beautiful smile with strong, functional teeth. With just a few implant posts in strategic positions, we can rebuild your smile with beautiful full arch dental implants that look and feel like healthy natural teeth. At Harris Dental, our talented dentists have years of experience rebuilding smiles with full mouth dental implants in Barnstable, Centerville, Dennis, and Hyannis, MA.

How Do Full Mouth Dental Implants Compare to Traditional Dentures?

Traditional dentures can be an effective short-term fix for complete tooth loss. But even the best dentures need frequent adjustments and total replacement every few years. That’s because after teeth go missing, the body no longer needs to maintain the bone structure used to support those teeth. Over time, the bone will shrink. As the shape of the bone changes, it can no longer hold dentures securely in place, allowing them to shift, slip, rub, and fall out.

Full mouth dental implants securely integrate with bone tissue, delivering stability comparable to natural teeth and allowing the use of robust, natural-looking materials resistant to wear, chipping, and staining. These implants can endure 99% of regular biting forces and offer both aesthetic longevity and functional reliability. Transforming your smile requires only 4-6 implant posts, promoting healthy bone preservation and safeguarding your jaw joints.

Do I Qualify for Full Mouth Dental Implants?

With today’s streamlined surgical techniques and precision imaging, almost everyone is a candidate for full arch dental implants. The critical factor in the long-term stability of your full arch dental implants is ideal placement. If you have enough bone to create a strong foundation for your implant posts in the correct positions, your new teeth can remain strong and stable for decades. Even patients with significant bone loss may be good candidates for dental implants after we rebuild adequate bone volume with bone grafting.

However, a few factors could compromise your healing and make other treatments more appropriate for your specific needs. Patients with certain systemic health problems like untreated diabetes, blood clotting disorders, and tobacco use can make it hard for your new implants to heal properly. Active gum disease and other oral health problems may need to be treated before we place your full mouth dental implants. Whenever possible, we will work with you to resolve any issues between you and the renewed health and confidence dental implants can deliver.

Putting Your Complete Smile Within Reach

Putting a price tag on the life-changing potential of full arch dental implants is hard. Especially considering that they prevent significant future health problems like damage to the jaw joints and nutritional deficiencies. Although the immediate cost of full mouth dental implants is higher than temporary solutions like traditional dentures, it’s important to remember that your implants will last decades longer than dentures without needing fixes or replacements.

In the long run, dental implants are more affordable than they may appear. However, we understand that the higher initial cost of implant surgery can be a significant obstacle for many patients. We’ll work closely with your dental insurance provider to ensure you get the maximum benefits you’re entitled to. Because most policies still leave an amount for you to pay out of pocket, we partner with third-party dental financing companies to help you build a comfortable payment plan.

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